Stoney Acres Farms opening “Pizza On The Farm” for the season

Published: Apr. 8, 2023 at 7:48 AM CDT
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ATHENS, Wis. (WSAW) - It may not be summer yet, but the pizza ovens are hot at Stoney Acres Farm. Friday night marks the return of pizza on the farm. nearly all ingredients are homegrown or locally sourced.

“We raise the wheat, we grind it to flower, we make that into the dough,” says Tony Schultz, Owner, Stoney Acres Farm. “We raise all the tomatoes and the garlic for the tomato sauce. We raise all of the toppings, we raise 120 pigs a year for the ham, the bacon, the pork, the sausage, the pepperoni.”

Even on its off days, pizza on the farm requires daily preparation.

“I am doing pig chores daily, I’m thinking about where to put my wheat crop,” says Schultz. “And then as we go into the season, we want to make sure that we have enough things from the previous season and store it.”

Even though there’s plenty the farm can control, it’s what they can’t control that’s worth keeping an eye on.

“The farmer in me checks the weather five times a day, but the pizza man in me checks it ten times a day,” says Schultz.

No matter how mother nature plays her cards, Pizza on the Farm remains a proud community tradition.

“There will always be people coming to pizza night,” says Schultz. “It’s a great time and there’s a lot of indoor seating.”

A tradition that means everything to Schultz.

“My goal coming into my adult life is to make sure my family farm could persevere,” says Schultz. “And I can’t think of a more fun and rewarding way to make my family farm successful than to have a great big farm-to-table pizza party.”