Obedience training can even improve bad behaviors in older dogs

Sunrise 7 interview with K-9 owner and trainer Cindy Steinke
Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 10:12 AM CDT
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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) - Did you get a new puppy for Christmas or perhaps have an older dog that’s misbehaving? It’s never too late to begin obedience training.

Cindy Steinke is the owner and trainer at K-9 Elementary in Weston. She said training is essential for all dogs.

“We only get from our dogs, what we’re willing to put in. And we bring our canines into our human world, we need to teach them what we expect from them,” said Steinke.

She said behaviors that can be corrected through obedience training include jumping, running away, over-excitement, barking and house soiling.

Those behaviors can be corrected even in older dogs, but it will take more time.

‘What you have to remember is when we start training our puppies, we’re teaching behavior. When we’re training older dogs, not only are we teaching behavior, but we’re changing behavior,” she explained.

K-9 Elementary offers four types of classes: puppy classes, basic obedience, intermediate obedience and advanced obedience.

Steinke said half of training dogs is the ability to be able to better communicate with them. She said trained dogs are able to be more social.

“Anybody can have that perfectly behaved dog in their living room or backyard. But it’s the dog that’s well trained that has a fuller life. They get to go to family picnics on vacations to the park. If your dog is unruly and obnoxious, they stay home. They don’t get to go along,” Steinke explained.

For more information about K-9 Elementary, visit its website or call 715-359-9587.