Marathon County Sheriff’s Office is in need of correctional officers

To fill staffing needs at the jail patrol officers are filling in, and some inmates are transferred to other county jails
Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Staffing shortages are nothing new, but a staffing shortage of correctional officers is affecting local law enforcement and taxpayers’ money. The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office said they need more people on their team.

”What we’re seeing is pretty much the scene across the state when it comes to corrections officers,” said Sandra LaDu, Jail Administrator.

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that they need more corrections officers. “Right now we need 12 spots filled and we really need females,” added LaDu. ”We have always historically had two females on per shift and we aren’t able to do that all the time right now because of the lack of staffing.”

Patrol officers have had to step in to help with the staffing shortage.

”What we were seeing until that happened was that our staff was getting burnt out,” said LaDu. “Cause if we continue to lose people because they’re unable to keep up with the pace, that only compounds the problem.”

Last year, the sheriff’s office even had to transport people because of the shortage, which comes out of taxpayers’ money.

”Currently we pay about an average of I’d say $40 a day to house inmates in other areas. But that’s not just the cost that’s associated with it. We’re paying for a transport team to be moving people and forth,” said LaDu.

That only includes the costs that are accounted for. “Things that don’t consider as costs that we may not be able to put a number to but it certainly, in the long run, does impact what comes out of the taxpayer dollars,” said LaDu.

The starting wage for corrections officers in Marathon County is about $23 an hour and it comes with benefits.

To apply to be a corrections officer, click here.