Honor Flight co-founder hopes to turn chopper competition into fundraising opportunity

The co-founder of the Never Forgotten Honor Flight, Jim Campbell is running to win a custom chopper
Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 4:36 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The co-founder of the Never Forgotten Honor Flight, Jim Campbell, is hoping to earn more money for the organization through a creative competition.

Campbell is in the running to win a custom motorcycle built by Orange County Choppers, the same group from the hit TV show. If he wins the ‘Dream Chopper,’ he wants to turn that into more flights for more veterans.

The ‘Dream Chopper’ competition is not a direct fundraiser for the Never Forgotten Honor Flight, but the chopper would turn into a fundraiser if Campbell pulls off a victory. The ‘Dream Chopper’ competition is an online voting contest to win the customized motorcycle. Each competitor writes up a reason as to why they should win the cool ride. Once accepted and approved, the person with the most votes wins the ‘Dream Chopper.’

Campbell said competing isn’t about the motorcycle, it’s about the veterans. “So go back to a motorcycle that may sell for enough money to send 200 veterans. That’s 200 veterans whose lives will literally be changed forever along with their families and friends’ lives,” he added.

Campbell hopes that if he wins, the ‘Dream Chopper’ would earn in excess of about $150,000 at auction. Right now, Campbell is in first place in his group, but the Honor Flight needs your help winning the competition. There’s an option for paid votes and a free daily vote.

This first round of voting will narrow it down to the top 20 people for the completion which ends on March 23.

Click the link here to vote.