Hello, My Name Is: Kyla Krause

The Medford junior has lived and breathed gymnastics from a young age, but the journey is just beginning
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 10:53 PM CDT
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MEDFORD, Wis. (WSAW) - For Kyla Krause, her love for gymnastics began at a young age, something that’s grown ever since.

“I’ve done this sport since I was four or five, “ said Krause. “My freshman year, towards the end of the season, I started watching college gymnastics and that’s a goal of mine to go into college gymnastics because I love watching it.”

Krause, now a junior at Medford, has used that love for the sport to motivate her. She’s grown in every phase, making her the well-rounded athlete star that she is today.

The physical attributes for her to do what she does is amazing,” said head coach Steve Cain. “For her to carry through what she does, it’s like through the last couple meets, we watched her do a routine that stays on bars, and it’s almost flawless.”

As her coach confirmed, she has the physical abilities. However, it’s her mentality that gives her an edge over other gymnasts.

“I sometimes call it game face because of the fact that there’s a seriousness involved,” said Cain. “Sometimes you don’t know how to read that, but with her, that seriousness is to perfect a skill.”

Krause finished fourth in the vault in D2 at the state gymnastics meet earlier this month. She continues to find herself at the top of events, but she still has all the motivation in the world going into her final year of high school.

“She wants it that bad, so she works at it,” said Cain. “You don’t get many gymnasts that come along in a career where the intent of succeeding to the level that she wants to succeed at is there.”

“I want to upgrade some more stuff, but also keep my form good to have higher scores,” said Krause. “My one goal for next year is to have a podium finish at state.”