Expect a big turn out for spring break travelers this year

The majority of flights flying out of CWA the next few weeks are full
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 9:12 PM CDT
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MOSINEE, Wis. (WSAW) - The snow has fallen and it is about to fall again for spring break. People are making plans to get out of Wisconsin for warmer weather and no snow, making airports busier than ever.

Flights are being booked and many cars will be pumping gas for spring break travel. More people will even be traveling internationally this year. With more countries lifting COVID-19 restrictions, people are excited to see the world again. Beaches will be a hot spot, but so will cities in Europe.

One comeback for spring breakers this year will be cruises.

“Cruises have been gaining in popularity for a long time. A lot of it has to do with that all-inclusive nature of most cruise packages, where you know you can budget for what you plan on spending ahead of time,” said Auto Club Group Director of Public Affairs Nick Jarmusz.

March is a busy time of the year for Central Wisconsin Airport and the staff knows people are itching to hop on a plane. “We’re anticipating completely full flights the next two weeks to accommodate some of the spring break travel, " says Airport Director Brian Grefe.

Experienced travelers already know the TSA rules, but those who don’t travel as much are going to experience some differences. “Oftentimes people are as experienced as say some of the business travelers that we will see throughout the rest of the year. So give yourself a little extra time. It will take a little longer to go through the TSA checkpoint,” added Grefe.

There could be one factor derailing travel plans that is not weather related, a pilot shortage. “With the pilot shortage, it’s tough to add those flights, even though they recognize that support for air service, there aren’t just pilots to add the additional flights or a larger aircraft,” said Grefe.

Grefe said he would like to add flights to Orlando and Phoenix to CWA, but that decision would be up to the airlines. One tip for travelers driving this year is to check your tires before you go on the road and make sure you have a long-lasting car battery.