Nutterville Beatercross completes 3rd annual snomobile competition

Published: Mar. 4, 2023 at 9:05 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Nutterville Beatercross is back for its third year. ‘Nutterville Snowmobile Snow Nuts Club’ hosted hundreds to watch snowmobilers compete in Wausau today. The competition was tough. Racers ranged from fifty years old to in their teens. Each snowmobiler may have different levels of experience, but they all shared the same excitement for Nutterville Beatercross.

Some riders have been racing for years. Racer Ethan Ramsey of Wausau said he keeps coming back because the feeling he gets on the track is unmatched.

“It’s a really cool feeling just to be about here having fun, I mean the adrenaline rush is crazy. It’s just cool to be out here with all your buddies and everything and having fun on the track with some competition, it’s just a great feeling, " said Ramsey.

He said one of the reasons he enjoys this event so much is because of the affordable cost it takes to compete.

“There’s like a price limit, $1100 bucks or whatever and you can go out get a beater sled, it’s gotta be 2002 or older, and come out here and have fun on old sleds, brings back some older memories,” said Ramsey.

There are different classes racers can compete in. One of them is only for females it’s called Powderpuff.

“Growing up I raced, I didn’t race but I rode with my brothers, so I kind of had the expectation to ride up and keep up with them. So, I guess it’s just fun to be able to do what they do too,” said Malerie Gaylord of Stevens Point.

One-on-one races aren’t the only classes people can compete in.

“Me and my boyfriend’s sister Olivia are doing two up, it’s where she rides on the back of me and then we race,” said Gaylord.

During race breaks, people could also grab some food and a drink while they waited for the next round of snowmobilers to race. Ambulances were on standby for any racers who needed extra assistance. Volunteers were also on the track to help racers get up from a fall or help move snowmobiles when they interfered with the racetrack.