The frustrating pothole saga continues in Wausau

Drivers can call 715-261-6688 to let Public Works know where to head to fix the worst potholes
Published: Mar. 3, 2023 at 8:12 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - It seems like potholes are on every road in Wausau and as soon as they get filled, within days they go back to being the same old nuisance.

The city has released safety tips on driving on these potholes, but some people want to start seeing action, not advice. Grand Avenue has received numerous complaints, but it’s just one of many roads that have been affected by the pothole problem.

Sometimes, potholes get larger after an excessive amount of water, like snow or rain, continuously washes them out. The city has received so many complaints, Wausau Public Works has reintroduced the Pothole Hotline.

“We don’t want to leave potholes because when you leave it they are just going to keep getting worse,” said Superintendent Dustin Kraege, Wausau Public Works.

The goal of the hotline is to let the city know where potholes are and hopefully get them filled. The weather has made it difficult for crews to successfully get these potholes filled. “With the weather we’ve had this year, they’re a lot worse and some of the ones of Grand Avenue have gotten quite large, so it’s really difficult when we get this kind of weather to keep up with them,” added Kraege.

For some, it may seem like nothing is getting done, but Kraege said there are so many potholes to fill and hopes everyone can be patient as they work through the streets.

“If we’re out plowing and we don’t have crews to send there immediately, we put it on our patch list. Then as soon as the crews go out we go out and take care of it as quickly as we can,” said Kraege.

There is a possible solution coming soon for the public and with warmer weather approaching these potholes should be more permanently filled. The city has increased its asphalt budget which will allow for more permanent repairs according to Kraege. “We’ll do like a mill and pave, where we can go in and create a permanent fix and we also have an asphalt recycler on order,” he added.

For more information or to report a pothole in the city, call the hotline at 715-261-6688.