Firefighters participate in house fire training

Published: Feb. 18, 2023 at 9:06 PM CST
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Fires claim lives, destroy homes and buildings quickly. That’s why it’s important to have trained professionals put out those fires. Old and new firefighters got together at Stevens Point to do some real-life training experiences.

“They’ll get to learn about flow paths, how the fire builds, how the smoke grows, how air is induced into the fire, into the rooms and they put the fire out and overhaul as well,” said Hull Fire Department Assistant Chief Nicholas Proulx.

Part of the training includes using powerful hoses to kill the flames. People were advised to step back.

“So, they’re taking out a window right now and they are going to start ventilating out through the roof,” said Proulx.

Hull Fire Department Firefighter Clayton Maddison Dawson said the goal was to learn how to effectively put out a fire and how to keep firefighters safe in action.

“We set up a tag team to go ahead and enter the building, and locate the fire and put it out. While we were in the building, we learned some techniques on ventilation and where to and where not to be, and how to get the fire knocked down,” said Dawson.

He said training in the winter is different than in the summer or spring. Which means firefighters must change strategies when seasons change.

“Not only that, we just got to watch out for the ice that’s going to form because when you’re on a fire with all the water it creates a lot of ice,” said Dawson.

The house was donated to the Hull Fire Department to do this interactive training. The training lasted from six in the morning to five in the evening. The Hull Fire Department plans to do another training in the Spring.