Dentist offers suggestions to prepare child for first dentist visit

The first visit will center around making the child comfortable
Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 11:11 AM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - If you’re a parent, you likely already know the importance of regular doctor check-ups. But when is the right age for your little one to visit the dentist?

The Wisconsin Dental Association recommends a visit around baby’s first birthday.

Dr. Jeremy Hoffman is a dentist at Dental Visions in Schofield. He said parents have options when it comes to taking a child for their first visit.

“Many parents feel comfortable just taking their child to the dentist that they see. Usually, that’s a general dentist. Other times they feel comfortable taking them to a pediatric dentist, that’s a specialist that is geared toward children, and they do a great job making things fun and exciting and relaxing for kids. So it’s really what the mother and father feel comfortable with their kid,” said Hoffman.

Dr. Hoffman said the dentist will work to make sure that the first visit is fun and relaxed.

He said it’s more geared toward acclimating your child to the dentist. The child will sit on mom or dad’s lap during the exam.

He offers advice for preparing a little one for the first dentist visit.

“Hey, we’re going to have fun today! We’re going to go right in the tooth chair, and we’re going to count how many teeth you have. Back in my day, we had you know, Berenstein Bears First Visit to the Dentist now it’s probably Dora or Pete the Cat or something. But those kids’ books can also help to get the kid relaxed and ready and excited for the dentist,” said Hoffman.

Parents can also help ease the anxiety by having a positive attitude.