Granite House will replace North Central Health Care’s Community Corner Clubhouse

The former clubhouse was affiliated with North Central Health Care, the new Granite House will not have an affiliation
Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 5:43 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The Granite House is picking up where the Community Corner Clubhouse left off. North Central Health Care’s Community Corner Clubhouse closed its door in October of last year because of a lack of funding. Now, the Granite House will be replacing the organization that once helped adults struggling with mental illness and drug abuse.

During the Wausau city council meeting, the former manager of NCHC’s Community Corner Clubhouse recognized the need for a new organization.

“I was devastated. Knowing that it meant isolation for me,” said Kelly Kaufman, a former member of the Community Corner Clubhouse.

When the clubhouse closed last year, members had nowhere to turn.

“Right now, the people that were participating in the last clubhouse model don’t have anywhere to go. In my opinion, they’re isolating,” said Mike Frankel, the former manager of the Community Corner Clubhouse and current president of the Granite House.

Now the former manager of the clubhouse said he’s keeping his word to create a new organization for adults in need.

“I was going to make it a mission of mine to reopen another program for them,” said Frankel.

However, building a new organization from the ground up takes time, effort, and money.

“Funding is going to be the big thing and gaining grants or donations,” said Frankel.

This new clubhouse will not be affiliated with other agencies.

“Our goal is for this to be a free-standing clubhouse. Not affiliated with a hospice agency. Not to be affiliated with any longer with NorthCentral Health Care,” said Frankel.

In the meantime, former members are waiting in anticipation for the new organization to officially open.

“I’m going to feel fantastic. I’m going to have a place to go,” said Kaufman.

Frankel said they’re still looking for a location to call home. They hope to have the organization in operation by spring or early summer.