Local bars take on opening day of gun deer season in Wisconsin

Published: Nov. 19, 2022 at 5:18 PM CST
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MARATHON, Wis. (WSAW) - After a long morning of hunting, nothing hits more than a hot meal and a cold drink.

With the countless number of hunters looking to take a break, local bars have stocked up for the big week ahead.

“It’s making sure that we have enough eggs and hash browns and all the other food items that we need to get us carried through the week,” says Colleen Handrick-Weiks, Owner, Weiks Pub & Grill.

Some bars even have various deals suited specifically for this time of year.

“We try to have daily specials so that it’s something quick and easy that if they want to eat then they can come in and just grab a quick bite to eat,” says Karen Buchberger, Owner, Charlie’s Bar & Grill. “Like I do soup and sandwiches.”

For Karen and Colleen, both having taken over their businesses within the last four years are relatively new in owning a bar. However, they’re no strangers to the significance of gun deer season and the variety of crowds that stop by.

“Usually, nighttime it gets pretty packed, daytime, sometimes it’s steady, it just depends on the day,” says Buchberger. “It’s hard to tell what your crowd is going to be.”

“We always know it’s going to be a bigger group than we are normally used to down here,” says Handrick-Weiks. “So we just always try to have additional staff on hand to give us helping with that.”

But regardless of crowd size, it’s the bonds shared with one another that make each gun deer season for bars a special one.

“It’s nice to talk to different people and just see how things are if it’s the same around here,” says Buchberger. “Everybody knows everybody, and like I said, it don’t take much to meet somebody.”

“It’s just that comradery, seeing faces that we don’t always get to see during the year just because of the location where they live in the state of Wisconsin,” says Handrick-Weiks. “So it’s good to see them coming back.”

With gun deer season being a nine-day occasion, you still have time throughout the week to find a local bar and check out any specials they may have and hang out with fellow hunters.

Charlie’s Bar and Grill is located on 144746 County N, Marathon City, WI 54448. Meanwhile, Weiks Pub & Grill is located on 231745 County Rd S, Edgar, WI 54426.