Hunters stock up for deer camp

One more sleep 'til the opening of the gun-deer season
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 5:22 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - We’re just one sleep away from the official start of deer hunting season in Wisconsin.

It brings big bucks to the state economy as hundreds of thousands of blaze orange-clad hunters head into the woods in search of their big buck.

Many hunters were making their way to deer camp Friday, because when the sun comes up on Saturday it’s “game” on.

Michael Wunrow of Potter, in Calumet County, has been hosting deer camp for many years.

”We’ve got a group of friends that have been getting together for probably the last 30, 35 year,s and sometimes this is the only time of the year we get to hang out, so get together and go chase some deer around.”

His crew is stocking the fridge for deer camp. They’re bringing the food, they have plenty of drinks, and they’re registering for the big buck contest at Gene and Helen’s, the local watering hole.

“Go for some lunch, get the beer on ice, get everything ready to go, have a fish fry tonight. Hopefully to bed early,” Wunrow said.

Friday’s finishing touches cap what’s been weeks of preparation.

“Probably started more like a month ago,” hunter Mike Loose said. “Get all the stands and the boxes, and if you have children or extra people who have friends that come up too. So, maybe your box plus five, six others, make sure they have opportunity. Lot of times you prefer to have someone else shoot a deer like him, not him yet, or her or a friend and then celebrate their deer.”

While bagging a big one is a huge part of deer camp, it’s not the only reason these hunters take to the woods.

“I just get to spend time with everyone that hunts here. We all eat and we have fun times,” hunter Breanna Dallmann said.

And for the older hunters who’ve been doing it for years, “Getting the deer really isn’t a big deal. It’s how we got it,” said Loose.

And passing the tradition on to the next generation is what makes the deer hunting season so special.

“Just spending time with friends and family and just getting together with all the neighbors and stuff and just good quality family time and need to keep it going,” Matthew Wunrow told us.

Good luck to all the hunters out there as you carry on your hunting party’s traditions.