Annual ‘Holiday Open House’ weekend returns amongst Wausau River District stores

Published: Nov. 6, 2022 at 7:11 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - As we stray further away from the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, retailers say they’re getting back to the reality of pre-pandemic years.

“Kind of getting in a groove again,” says Nicole Chickering, Owner, Nicole’s Boutique. “And really looking forward to having things to do. Everything had been so buckled down and everybody treading lightly. Feels like a real holiday season again.”

Entering the holiday season, there are no shortage of events for retailers to prepare for.

Even if they aren’t official holidays.

“We’ve got a lot of holidays to get ready for,” says Chickering. “So, there’s all the parties and dances. You know, maybe you want something stretchy for thanksgiving dinner or you wants something really cute for a date night. This is the kickoff to the whole season.”

With Black Friday around the corner, retailers are anticipating the craze that the day typically brings.

But with the holiday open house, it’s about more than just focusing on a singular day of deals, but bringing back satisfied customers.

“The old Black Friday, which is a thing of the past, really, because people can shop 24/7,” says Chickering. “It is something we’ve all come to rely on, but it isn’t just about one day, it’s about a consistent consumer that comes back again and again.”

Overall, a significant purpose of the Holiday Open House is to support local businesses. Where you never know what you are able to find.

“The things you least expect can bring you big joy and great returns,” says Chickering.