Gogebic County ski resort, trail group seek solutions after trail closure

Big Snow Resort
Big Snow Resort(Annette Giachino)
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 9:01 PM CDT
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WAKEFIELD, Mich. (WLUC) - Snowriver Mountain Resort is working with the Gogebic Range Trail Authority and Snowmobile Club to find an alternative route that would replace the closed portion of the Gogebic County Snowmobile Trail 2.

This follows the resort’s decision earlier this month to block snowmobile access to the trail segment on its property due to safety concerns.

“It wasn’t a good fit so our intention is to discontinue the trail, and we’ve been talking to local officials about a couple of different options to have the trail continue through the U.P. in this area,” Midwest Family Ski Resorts President Charles Skinner said.

Skinner said he met with the Gogebic Range Trail Authority and Snowmobile Club and the DNR Wednesday. There were two main solutions presented in the meeting.

“Most of the solutions revolved around the re-routing of the trail either through different locations of the Snow River Mountain Resort complex or moving off to private property that surrounds the complex,” Wakefield City Manager Robert Brown Jr. said.

The City of Wakefield acted as a neutral party during Wednesday’s meeting. Brown explained the importance of finding another route for the trail in Gogebic County.

“Without that trail, snowmobilers will have to utilize another access point coming from Wisconsin which would bypass the Gogebic Range area which would generate a loss of income for our businesses and housing market,” Brown said.

Brown said options presented at Wednesday’s meeting will be looked into further.

“Not only discussion with landowners will be evolved but also questions with utilities that currently run through there and at the moment those are the best two options. Both groups are committed to finding a solution to the 2022-23 snow year,” Brown said.

Brown said a leading proposal would allow tentative access to Snowriver Mountain Resort property using a modified trail route and several conditions to be met to enhance pedestrian and snowmobiler safety. The proposal would sunset in the spring of 2023 if adopted, Brown said.

The GRTA would eventually need to locate a trail outside of the Snow River Mountain Resort and reach an agreement with property owners.

TV6 will continue to follow this developing story.