I-39 construction impacting traffic near WIS 34

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 6:16 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - If you’ve been stuck in traffic on Interstate 39 near Highway 34, you’re not alone. Construction crews are working to upgrade the road to make it a smoother drive, but the project is causing some people’s commutes to be longer.

“People may have noticed traffic has been slowed,” said Korey Boehm, the manager of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Construction crews are resurfacing the northbound lane and shoulder of I-39 with 2 inches of new asphalt pavement.

“Also included with this project, we’ll be working on the highway 34 interchange up top, east of the overpass,” said Boehm.

Crews are working on a number of improvements, like replacing pavement, guard rails, signs, and performing culvert and drainage management.

“In that area, there’s a lot of deteriorated concrete, on the older side that needs to be replaced with a new pavement,” said Boehm.

A viewer sent in a video stuck in traffic on Thursday night. What’s normally a 30-minute drive, ended up taking 90 minutes because of the construction.

“What generally traffic is seeing is single lane closures, some shoulder closures,” said Boehm.

The road closure is to give construction workers the space they need to work.

“For safety reasons, we close this stretch to facilitate the paving operations and also complete the pavement markings as well,” said Boehm.

Although construction can be a pain for drivers, the Department of Transportation said there’s no posted detour to avoid the project.

“If people are traveling this corridor commonly, what they can do is look at the 511 wisconsin.gov website. That kind of indicates what traffic flows are like,” said Boehm.

The DOT has some advice for people who are driving this stretch of road.

“If people can slow down, that’s much appreciated for all that are involved with the construction project,” said Boehm.

The construction is expected to be completed by early November.