Army veteran couple celebrates anniversary at their first-date spot on Never Forgotten Honor Flight

41st Never Forgotten Honor Flight
Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 7:44 AM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The Never Forgotten Honor Flight is known to bring closure, gratitude and respect to veterans in north central Wisconsin. And, sometimes it can also bring back memories from special moments.

That was the case for Army veterans Bill and Sue Schulte from Minocqua. They both were able to take the trip of a lifetime together on Mission 41. While on the trip, the couple shared that they were coming up on celebrating a milestone.

Bill and Sue Schulte arriving at the Central Wisconsin Airport for Mission 41 of the Never...
Bill and Sue Schulte arriving at the Central Wisconsin Airport for Mission 41 of the Never Forgotten Honor Flight.(WSAW)

“This was also a special weekend for us because we had our first date here 53 years ago. We’ve been married for 52 and a half now,” Bill explained as they stood in front of the Marines Memorial in Washington D.C. “I was just in basic [training] up in Fort Dix, New Jersey, [I] was down here on a weekend pass. And Sue was a nursing student down here at Walter Reed Army Institute in nursing. And we had met at a wedding previously in June of ‘69. And I decided that this might work out. I’ll come on down for a weekend pass, and we’ll have dinner together...”

“And go to the Marine Memorial,” Sue added. “We were just sitting there having dinner at a little restaurant up in Georgetown. And said ‘let’s go see some of the memorials.’ And this was the first one we stopped at.”

The couple said that the memorial has been their favorite ever since.

As for going on the trip together, the couple said it was something they’d been waiting for for a couple of years,

“Incredible, totally incredible. We’ve looked forward to this for many many years. [A] dream come true,” Bill said.

“It’s beautiful,” Sue added.

“And to think that we could bring one of our daughters along as our chaperone is an even better experience,” Bill mentioned.

“She’s not our chaperone, she’s our guardian,” Sue said as they both giggled.

And, together, they said it will be a day they will never forget.

“The whole experience here... Has been just so incredible. The Honor Flight is just like [Bill] said, a dream come true,” Sue said.

“Mike and Jim just do an outstanding job with the Honor Flight and everything it’s just a great organization,” Bill added, as Sue also mentioned the hard work the volunteers do to help make everyone’s experiences better.