D.C. Everest starts new school year with new superintendent

The start of the school year for D.C Everest brings a new superintendent, Dr. Casey Nye.
Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 8:48 AM CDT
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ROTHSCHILD, Wis. (WSAW) - Wednesday is the start of the new school year for students, staff and faculty at D.C. Everest School District.

The start of the school year also brings in a new superintendent. Dr. Casey Nye served as the district’s previous assistant superintendent, taking over for Dr. Kristine Gilmore. He said the focus this school year, is all about the classroom experience.

Nye has also called the district home for the last 16 years.

“I was fortunate to come here as a middle school principal, and then have been in a number of central office roles and excited to be superintendent for the first year here,” he explained.

He said his goals every year are to focus on childhood experiences that begin in the classroom.

“My goals, always, come back to the experiences that our students have. So I want every one of our kids to make connections to have meaningful, challenging experiences, definitely want to see our district continue to thrive,” he said. “There [are] a lot of great traditions, and I’ve been fortunate to be a part of those over the years.”

As for enrollment, he said that’s been pretty steady.

“I think our district is the size that it can provide world-class experiences for all kids, and yet it’s small enough that it feels like home. And I think our staff really see that as part of the culture to be connected and be together.”

He said the biggest project at the top of his mind for the community is the Greenheck Turner Community Center.

“So we still are looking for additional community support. But we’ve been very fortunate to have strong support from a number of donors that have us position to bring an amazing asset to our community,” Nye said.

“I would say it’s important for families to know that our staff has worked really, really hard to not only have facilities that are ready for kids to come back to school but also high-quality learning experiences. And safety continues to be at the forefront. So we’ve been busy on every front trying to prepare, and look forward to kids coming back.”

He said the first day back to school is always the best, and he’s looking forward to the excitement the first day brings.

“The first day back is the best, I mean, that these are the best jobs to have in the world. And so I’ve got a vantage point to see across all of our schools, kids coming back, just filled with joy, parents with a mix of emotions that are super excited to drop their kids off, but also a little sad as they turn their young person over to the school. So it’s a super, super exciting time.”

Nye said he wants families to know the district is there for those who may have mixed feelings about the upcoming school year.

“I think it’s natural for parents to wonder and want to have insight into what’s happening during the school day. And they should know that they always are welcome to reach out to, you know, their teachers, obviously, that first contact, but we want to be there to help support parents as well as they share their young person with us.”