BACK TO SCHOOL: Students head back to the classroom Thursday at Newman Catholic Schools

NC7's Brittany Dobbins reports live from Newman Catholic School about strides the school is making to hire more staff.
Published: Aug. 25, 2022 at 8:08 AM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Thursday is the first day of classes for students at Newman Catholic Schools.

The president of the school system, Jeff Gulan said over the summer, 27 positions needed to be filled throughout its five buildings. That includes the middle school and high school, two elementary schools, and two childcare facilities. But going into Thursday, only two of the positions remain open.

“We have two subs that are going to start until we can get people into those classrooms. But we have a great mix of new and veteran staff that are really excited to bring Catholic education to our students,” Gulan said. “Finding those quality people I think is the biggest key reaching out to networks, other principals to find people that will fill those positions has been very important and has been something our principals have been very, very good at this year.”

Ahead of the school year, he said families and students can look forward to a fresh start, new faces and even some new expectations. But the main outlook, he said, is all the excitement and energy of getting back into the classroom.

“We have many new staff members that are coming in, that’s a positive. We have a movement towards addressing students’ health, mental health, and concerns that will be addressed throughout the year and as we go along every year. And then also, moving towards better instructional practices through outcomes-based education.”

Gulan said the typical goals for every school year are to support staff to make sure the resources they need for students are available.

He also mentioned that teachers will be working on the safety and care of the students emotionally, on top of working on avenues to address concerns when they come to school.

“Students know that there are resources available, as there have always been, and our teachers are going to be better equipped to meet students’ needs. And also, as far as an instructional standpoint, we’ll see that our instructional expectations and outcomes will be higher,” he said. “I’m just really excited that we’re going to be able to kick this year off... And just give the kids what they desire in Catholic education.”