1 year later: A refugee resettled in Wausau reflects on Taliban takeover

59 refugees still live in our area, some have moved to be closer to other family in other parts of the country
Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 5:17 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - According to Adib Mobiz, an afghan refugee who resettled in Wausau, the colors of the Afghanistan flag each represent a unique period in the country’s history.

Mobriz said black on the flag represents a time before 2001. It was a time when Afghan people had very few rights and he called it a time of darkness. Mobriz said red symbolizes the sacrifice of soldiers and green is the progress they’ve made. That’s until Aug. 15, 2021, when they reverted back to black as the Taliban took over.

“We never imagined that after all this investment we’d go back to the dark days, the dark nights,” said Abid Mobriz.

One year later, he still can’t believe how years of progress vanished almost instantly.

“What happened in Afghanistan, that really shocked all of us,” said Mobriz.

Despite the shock and uprooting from Afghanistan, He’s proud to now call Wausau home.

“Before we came here, we had no idea what would be our future. But since we came to Wausau, with the help of ECDC and the members of the community, right now we are having a great time,” said Mobriz.

For him and his family, Wausau is hope.

“Right now we are here and we never imagined that this is a foreign country. We think that this is like my homeland,” said Mobriz.

But the date, August 15, reminds him of the hard times still happening in his homeland.

“Right now I have a lot of hope, but I’m really concerned about the people back in Afghanistan. They are not living in a good condition.”

He and other refugees carry heavy hearts, especially on this day. On Sunday they united to pray for people still in Afghanistan.

“The people they are right now here and a member of their families back in Afghanistan, they are suffering a lot.”

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