New food truck hits the streets of north central Wisconsin

New food truck gives back to community
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 8:05 AM CDT
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - A new food truck is rolling out around the region. It’s called Lo Que Sea Lemonade and More and it’s been in business since July 24.

The food truck’s owner and operator, Jennifer Garcia-Pfefferle said there are many reasons she started the food truck, however, one of the main reasons was to give back to the community she and her family now call home.

Garcia-Pfefferle grew up in Kiel, a small city northwest of Sheboygan and just south of Green Bay. She then moved to Madison when she was 18, where she gained 22 years of restaurant experience. But, in 2019, just before the pandemic hit, she and her family moved to the Stevens Point area. That motivated her to start something new for the community.

“My husband drives over the road truck driving. So in a way, I’m a single mom, but not a single mom. So it’s pretty much me and the kids. So then I needed to do something that involves the kids,” she explained.

That’s where Lo Que Sea comes into play.

“Now my 10-year-old daughter, she’s actually taking the orders and stuff and she does an awesome job.”

The food truck offers customers a variety of flavors of freshly squeezed lemonade, which also come in sugar-free flavors, and Bubble Waffles.

“A lot of people have never heard of it. So a lot of people have to Google it and find out what it is. Or I do have pictures handy usually to show them because I know people would be wondering what it is,” Garcia-Pfefferle said.

The recipe originates in Hong Kong but has made its way to larger cities like Chicago and New York.

“Other places I know do just pancake mix but I actually do the actual bubble waffle mix. So it’s just something new to try,” she explained. “It’s a newer item to this area... [and] I don’t know for sure [where I saw it come up] something came on the screen and got my attention. So then I did do my research, more research on it. And it just was eye-catching and people love them!”

But it wasn’t just learning more about the community that made her start the truck.

“I think my daughter is actually the one that opened my eyes, she’s 18-years-old, and she struggled a little bit harder moving up here and being mixed and everything, but she did the best that she could. And it’s just learning about history and learning about where you come from and what makes you who you are. And just be proud of that. Don’t worry about what people tell you, but just be proud of who you are,” she explained. “I moved up here before pre-COVID in 2019. So we had a little rougher beginning up here. But then with doing this, and with the kids, I think that really got us more involved with the community. And one of the reasons why I want to do this is for like clubs, or high schools, students that we can do fundraising, that they can work the truck, and then they can also raise money for the organization that they’re doing.”

During the time the food truck has been open for business, she said it’s doing successfully.

“It’s been really nice. It’s been a great experience and a lot of people have been volunteering and contacting me to let me park there and everything. And so it’s been a great help.”

She said she hopes when customers come to the window to order, they feel accepted for who they are.

“My husband is Mexican so my kids are mixed, so I want people to feel comfortable coming out to order and stuff. I do speak Spanish, not the best but I do speak Spanish. So then I am able to do orders in Spanish and everything. So I just want people to feel comfortable with who they are and just come out and have fun.”

People can find Lo Que Sea Lemonade and More at the Wisconsin Valley Fair starting Tuesday, Aug. 2 at Marathon Park. People can also follow the food truck’s Facebook page to keep up on where it will be headed next.

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