Without bus drivers, rolling into the school year creates challenges for Krugs

If more drivers aren't recruited routes may have to be scaled back and some field trips may be canceled
Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 6:05 PM CDT
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MEDFORD, Wis. (WSAW) - Krug’s Bus Service said rolling into the new school year will be a lot more challenging without enough bus drivers.

If they don’t find more drivers by the start of the school year, Krug’s may have to scale back routes.

“I’ve talked to the district administrator for the Medford School District and he knows the situation we’re in. They are ready to make some adjustments if we have to. They know that getting students to and from school is the main responsibility,” said Barb Krug, president of Krug’s.

That means extracurricular trips are in jeopardy. Despite adding bonuses, raises and being more flexible with schedules, the president of the company says they’re still not getting enough applicants.

“It is a struggle. We can’t just close our doors like some restaurants when they don’t have help. We can’t just send the students to a study hall with an aid when there aren’t enough teachers available. We need to put a licensed driver in that school bus every time that it goes out of this yard,” said Krug.

Krug said she’s been driving school buses for almost 45 years.

“It’s a good job, I’ve done it all my life,” said Krug.

But, she said she took on more of a managerial role in the last decade. That is until the shortage got worse. Then she got behind the wheel again.

“I’ve driven more routes in the last couple of years than I’ve probably driven in the last ten,” said Krug.

Krug said she doesn’t mind because it’s more than a job to her.

“It is very rewarding. I’ve got a lot of drivers that get invited to graduation parties. Families give them gifts at Christmas time. They see them out and about in the community and they’re so excited to see their bus driver there,” said Krug.

If you’d like to help out their team email barbkrug@charter.net or call 715-965-5696.

Krug said they’ll help you complete your CDL and training in a few weeks. They are looking for at least 3 to join the team, but more for covering sick days would be best. They have the most availability with after-school shifts now.

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