Wausau School District could have a new charter school by 2023

Curriculum would focus less on technology and more on creativity
Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 7:35 AM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The Wausau School District is considering opening a pre-k through 5th-grade charter school with an environmental focus.

The district is still in the early phases of exploring the idea of adding the charter school. Wednesday, a survey was sent to families in the district to determine the level of interest for their children.

The school would need a minimum of 30 students to go forward with the idea. The environmental-based charter school would mainly be outdoors.

“There would be some shelter, we’re not even sure what that would look like,” said Wausau School District Superintendent Keith Hilts.

Hilts said the district recently started exploring the idea a few months ago when parents approached them about it. It would be based on Waldorf curriculum. Hilts said only about 60 other schools in the United States use it.

“Essentially the kids learn all of their core curriculum through exploratory learning outdoors,” said Hilts. Waldorf curriculum downplays the use of technology and focuses more on creativity.

“It’s learning from those things around you. I was a science teacher. As I look around here, there are wonderful opportunities to learn about science. Right underneath our feet or above our heads,” said Hilts.

Charter schools have slightly different rules than other schools.

“They can try some things that are a little more unique and maybe pave the way for some unique learning opportunities that can even be embedded in our more traditional schools,” said Hilts.

If the district gets enough interest from families, they plan to have meetings open to the public so parents can ask questions and learn more about what the school would be like.

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