Indoor green space proposed for former Wausau chemical site

Indoor green space may soon be coming to Wausau to give people a place to gather all year long.
Published: Jun. 7, 2022 at 10:49 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Indoor green space may soon be coming to Wausau to give people a place to gather all year long. A proposal was presented to the Wausau Economic Development Committee Tuesday night. The group called Asch Properties wants to create a place that brings the outside in, while catering to all ages. They hope it brings a new charm to Wausau.

The proposed indoor green space called ‘Infused,’ will be in the former Wausau Chemical building near Athletic Park. It’ll have an indoor garden with a central meeting space.

“We really wanted to make an event space and so we wanted to make this really beautiful lush green space where you’d have lots of plants, herbs, vines, trees growing,” Infused CEO Mathew Aschbrennen said.

With the growth of all the plants, they would infuse the plants down and turn them into mocktails, teas and smoothies. The building will have all glass windows and doors with free Wi-Fi, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

“There’s very little to do during the winter months in Wausau unless you’re outside,” Aschbrennen said.

The $250,000 renovation will also be a place to hold weddings, graduations, parties, business meetings and much more.

“It doesn’t really exist in Wausau and I know it’s a little edgy, it’s a little bit big city, but I think there’s actually people in the greater Wausau area that would like to come and have a drink and sit and enjoy a beautiful space,” Aschbrennen said.

The Economic Development Committee discussed the proposal Tuesday night. They decided to begin negotiations for development and sale of the building. The committee believes the project will bring Wausau to an exciting new level.

“Wausau has nothing like this, really the region has nothing like this, so this is I think an extremely exciting thing for our community,” Wausau Development Director Liz Brodek said.

The space will be able to hold up to 75 people. Brodek expects the process for acquiring the building will go fast.

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