Construction for Lilac Ave. in Rib Mountain begins June 2024

Published: May. 25, 2022 at 9:52 PM CDT
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RIB MOUNTAIN, Wis. (WSAW) - If you shop in Rib Mountain you know traffic can get congested. That’s why the Town of Rib Mountain met Wednesday to discuss possible route reconstruction to Lilac Ave.

Nearly 70 people attended the meeting, all eager to learn about the possible construction plan starting in June of 2024.

The project manager said the goal is to alleviate traffic on Rib Mountain Drive and fix poor road conditions.

While construction can be a hassle for drivers, Rib Mountain’s Street and Park Superintendent said it needs to be done.

“We need to redo the roadway as it’s 30 years old and with the amount of traffic in that area it had its use of a life now,” said Scott Turner, Street and Park Superintendent, Rib Mountain.

The meeting was open to the public to discuss two possible reconstruction plans.

Options for road reconstruction in Rib Mountain.
Options for road reconstruction in Rib Mountain.(Courtesy of Rib Mountain)

“One is what we call a two-way left-turn lane option. So most of the corridor would have a flush approximately 14-foot wide center lane between two opposing lanes of traffic. That would allow for folks turning in about out of side streets and developments to get in and out of that lane,” said Chad Grundemann the Project Manager.

The second option would have three lanes with no center median and a two-way left-turn lane. A roundabout is also under consideration for the Lilac Ave. and Morning Glory Lane intersection.

It would cost between $1.8-$3-million.

“It all depends on how simple things go. if we just went with replacing the pavement and not doing any beautification or gutters or sidewalks then it’s on the very low end.”

Half of the cost will be covered by a local road improvement grant through the state.

“The town is looking to really make it safer, handle the increased traffic better as well as provide better opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Grundemann.

Grundemann said they are still very early in the process and they want to get feedback from you as they revise their plans. You can do that on the Town of Rib Mountain website.

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