Stevens Point business encourages composting with curbside pickup

Clients can collect organic waste and Bucket Ruckus picks it up and turns it into a soil additive
Published: May. 24, 2022 at 3:31 PM CDT
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Bucket Ruckus in Stevens Point is a business encouraging area residents to compost organic waste rather than throwing it in the trash.

Co-owner Kelley Adlington said the service works like a subscription.

“Residents can pay $13 per month for monthly pick up or $24.25 for weekly pick up,” Adlington explained. “There are different rates for our commercial clients.”

The organic waste picked up is everyday scraps people throw out everyday, Adlington explained.

“For most of the time, for residents, that means kitchen scraps: eggshells, banana peels,” she said. “We also take meat and dairy products, bones and stuff. And we collect this material from a convenient location like the curbside, we compost it and make a nutrient-dense soil amendment.”

The buckets are picked by Stevens Point bike delivery service, Curbwise. Trevor Roark, owner of Curbwise, said the collaboration was effortless.

“Kelly and Asher [Co-owner of Bucket Ruckus] were interested in bike-powered delivery pickups already. It was just a synergy that brought us together.”

Carrie Jarosinski has been a client of Bucket Ruckus for about two years. She said the convenience allows her to help clean the environment as she always has.

“I love composting,” Jarosinski explained. “I used to have a larger house and we would compost there, but now I’m in town and it’s a much smaller backyard. So, I decided we could go through Bucket Ruckus.”

Adlington said once picked up, the compostables are taken to Whitefeather Organics, a Stevens Point farm.

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