Adorable blind baby goat is melting hearts in Edgerton

Petal was born without eyes but is getting a lot of love
Petal is enjoying life on the farm in Edgerton
Petal is enjoying life on the farm in Edgerton(Tim Elliott)
Published: May. 16, 2022 at 12:17 PM CDT|Updated: May. 16, 2022 at 6:44 PM CDT
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EDGERTON Wis. (WMTV) - There’s a new “kid” on the block in Edgerton that is becoming quite the celebrity. Petal is a two-week-old dairy goat that lives on a farm just outside of town.

“People just think she’s super adorable and everyone loves her,” said Crystal Brown.

Shortly after her birth, Brown noticed something was different with Petal.

“When she was born, I just thought she wasn’t opening her eyes yet,” said Brown. “And after her siblings were born, we were kind of wondering if she had eyes and kind of realized that she didn’t,”

After a closer look Brown realized that Petal, in fact, did not have eyes.

“And I think we were all just kind of in shock like does she really not have eyes so we are examining her really closely and yeah she just doesn’t have eyeballs,” said Brown.

Crystal Brown and her teenage daughter Lily Smith both love Petal to pieces
Crystal Brown and her teenage daughter Lily Smith both love Petal to pieces(Tim Elliott)

Brown says Petal’s mom rejected her so she decided to bring her inside and bottle feed her while she got used to the world around her.

“I think she thinks of me as her mom,” said Brown. “I wanted to take her home right away! There was never ever a thought in my mind. My thought was this little girl is going to survive and that’s how it is.”

“Sometimes she runs into stuff but she just bounces back,” said Lily Smith, Brown’s teenage daughter. Smith says despite being blind, Petal is always ready for adventure.

“At first, she was definitely closed off,” said Smith. “She didn’t want to be touched. She wanted to stay and lay down but she has definitely gotten a bigger personality as she has grown a little bit.”

Petal is slowly getting used to her surroundings. She’s using her other senses to navigate her environment.

“She really listens. She stops and listens a lot and you can tell she really uses her hearing because she will run toward the area where she hears something,” said Brown.

Smith came up with the name Petal because Petal’s mom’s name is Daisy. Brown has started a fan page so everyone can follow Petal’s progress. Just checkout “Petal the Blind Goat” on Facebook.

Word has spread around town about Petal and her adorableness. Brown says several businesses have reached out requesting Petal’s presence for a “meet and greet” style appearance. Brown says it’s not safe to be passing Petal around at the moment because she is so young and susceptible to getting sick. But once she gets a little bigger and stronger, maybe one day she will make public appearances.

Petal uses her hearing and sense of smell to navigate around the farm
Petal uses her hearing and sense of smell to navigate around the farm(Tim Elliott)

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