‘Raise Your Voice for Mental Health’ walk spreads awareness

Merrill High School’s Raise Your Voice Club raises money for nonprofit organizations.
Published: May. 2, 2022 at 1:42 AM CDT
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MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) - Merrill High Schools’ Raise Your Voice Club is bringing mental health awareness through its second annual “Raise Your Voice for Mental Health” walk.

The Raise Your Voice Club is a student-run organization that raises awareness about mental health, advocates for change, and shares resources. The proceeds from the event will be given to Tyler’s Playground and the National Alliance of Mental Health Northwoods.

“So the Raise Your Voice Club is a club that is to advocate for change and to break the stigma that’s surrounding mental health,” said Allie Libby, a counselor at Merrill High School.

The Raise Your Voice Club said many kids and teens are hesitant to talk about their mental health.

“So many kids struggle with their mental health and they feel like it’s not okay to talk about it or reach out for help,” said Libby.

The club wants to normalize speaking up about mental health.

“That’s the biggest thing that we as the Raise Your Voice club want to do is that we are not a therapy or support group, but we just want to make it okay that you can reach out to someone,” said Libby.

Last year’s walk raised thousands of dollars to support mental health awareness.

“Last year, we raised $6,200. So we were able to donate $3,100 to each to each of the clubs we are supporting,” said Libby.

One of the organizations is the National Alliance of Mental Illness Northwoods.

“The National Alliance of Mental Illness is the one that founded the Raise Your Voice Club. So the club that we have, it’s based out of Wisconsin and so there’s other Raise Your Voice Clubs throughout the state, but they’re the ones who created that club,” said Libby.

The community also came together to support the cause.

“We reached out to most of the businesses in the community, asked for donations, asked for their help. We have had so many extra people come in and help,” said Laney Zuelsdorff, the social media coordinator for the Raise Your Voice Club.

The Raise Your Voice Club encourages people facing mental health issues to connect with the organization.

If you need help or want to donate to mental health awareness you contact the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

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