You Know You’re From...Marshfield: Record-breaking stilt walkers

Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 9:38 PM CDT
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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) - On the Marshfield countryside is where the legwork takes place.

“We needed an empty silo.”

Siblings Ashley McCauley and Jordan Wolf have tall aspirations.

“The world record for the tallest stilts,” Wolf said.

“We are going 54 feet,” McCauley said.

It’s at Marshfield Glass where Ashley and Jordan take their first steps toward the world record attempt. Practicing on 3 footers, each weighing about 60 pounds.

“It’s just such a movement in your hip and legs and your foot,” she said.

Dad is playing a pivotal role. Edward Wolf is no stranger to the record books. He’s held the tallest stilt walk on several occasions.

“When I first broke the world record it was 30 feet. My last one was 40 feet, 9.5 inches,” said Edward.

“Steady” Eddy Wolf has been stilt walking for 49 years. The Wolf family grew up on stilts. And their love of height has carried over to the 15 grandchildren.

“Honestly I think I was probably about 16 years old before I realized that it wasn’t, like, everybody’s family event that they went and did,” Jordan said.

“I think our kids have actually pushed us more into it than what we would’ve gotten involved with it,” Ashley added.

Oldest brother Travis even held the record once, back in 1998. So last summer Jordan decided it was time to re-establish the Wolf name in the record books.

You Know You're From...Marshfield

“I want to say 8-12 weeks before you hear back from Guinness. So when I got it, I was like, oh my gosh. Now we’ve really got to do it,” Jordan explained

So they built 54 foot stilts. Welding pipes together. Each stilt weighing 97 pounds. They used a crane to put them inside a 60-foot silo. If you think it’s hard to simulate the weight of the stilts, nothing prepared them mentally for that height.

“I bet you we climbed the silo 10-15 times just to get used to the height,” said Jordan.

“That was my biggest fear that I wasn’t going to be able to lift them because they’re so heavy. So I picked them up, looked back at Jordan and started crying,” Ashley said with a smile. “I was like, I did it. We’re doing this.”

Just 10 steps stand between them and the record. They’re also using the occasion to honor their late aunt, who died from lung cancer 5 years ago. They’re teaming with Marshfield Clinic, raising money for families going through cancer treatments.

“We kind of put our heads together and thought, well, we’ve always had this platform. How can we use it to the greater good,” Ashley explained.

Between now and the morning of June 4, a lot of time spent climbing up and down, in and out of the silo.

“Back in like 2nd or 3rd grade, and I would pull that record book out and just show my friends that my dad’s name was in the record book,” Jordan recalled.

“There’s been so many memories made. And so for us it’s just been the journey,” Ashley said with a smile.

They will attempt the record in the early morning of June 4 at Dairyfest on the Marshfield Fairgrounds. If they accomplish it, only Jordan’s name will be in the record book officially, as it’s a single-record holder only. On Friday June 3, fans are invited to come and sign the stilts in honor of their loved ones who are fighting cancer.

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