Buddy Check 7: New boutique offers special garments for oncology patients

The boutique is inside Marshfield Medical Center in Weston
Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 11:51 AM CDT
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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) - There’s a new boutique at Marshfield Medical Center-Weston. It provides supportive care services, in the form of wigs and other post-surgical items, to its oncology patients.

“Recently our oncology department moved across campus. [It] added the benefit of a really nice boutique space,” said Amanda Boreen, the oncology nurse navigator at the center.

Oncology patients there can now find special items to help them through their cancer journey, all for free.

“A majority of the items are wigs and hats that have been donated to the clinic,” said Boreen.

The donations are all thanks to community members and Marshfield Clinic Crafters for a Cause. The boutique adds to the supportive care services, like hair care education, that are already provided at the center.

“Once patients come into the space, they are surprised maybe at how many options there are, and maybe also thinking, ‘Oh gosh maybe I don’t want a wig,’ but then seeing the wigs and the options that are available, they think, ‘Oh maybe I would like that.’”

Boreen also does post-mastectomy fittings for patients through Marshfield Clinic.

“We also talk about the features of the prosthetics and the bras so they know why they fit the way they do or what we’re looking for.”

She said the goal of the boutique services is to help women feel good on the outside, so they feel good on the inside.

“There are a lot of different emotions that are felt in a cancer journey, and being able to provide some nice garments that one can try on can boost spirits and morale,” Boreen added.

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