$250K Donation helps Northcentral Technical College improve communications department

“Studio 7″ expected to open in fall
Part of the funding for the upgrades comes from The Dudley Foundation
Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 4:41 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Communication in many of it’s latest technological forms is about to take a major step forward in North Central Wisconsin, thanks to a local college and to a donation from an organization that helped television take a major step forward in the area many years ago.

It will be called Studio 7 but it’s official name is The Center of Excellence in Communication technologies at Northcentral Technical College.

“It’s different programs that will be learning together. It’s our graphic communication, it’s our web design, it’s our marketing, it’s our video production. Several programs will be learning together in the center of excellence space,” says NTC President Jeannie Worden.

She says having various programs work together is the model at NTC, because that’s the way things are in the real world. Worden also says some of the work the students do will be for organizations in the real world, “this is going to give our students an opportunity to work with community-based organizations that may not have the funds to do various videos or marketing campaigns.”

Existing rooms will be remodeled and will be filled with the latest equipment in communications technologies.

Video production student Cauy Huntington says “having a bigger area dedicated to video stuff would help students so much.”

“It’s a great program. it’s hands-on. If you learn better by hands-on by getting right into it, it’s the perfect program for that,” add Carly Bandock, another video production student.

The cost of the improvements is covered by the regular budget, a grant and a $250,000 donation from The Dudley Foundation.

“If we had not received this generous donation of $250,000, we couldn’t have done it,” says Worden.

Which brings us back to the name, Studio 7.

The financial help from The Dudley Foundation is a tribute to a communications pioneer in North Central Wisconsin, Dick Dudley.

He was the founding father of WSAW, NewsChannel 7

Studio 7 is scheduled to be up and running by the time classes start in fall.

100-students are expected to enroll the course at the beginning with the number expected to grow.

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