New Wausau VA Clinic expected to open in mid-May

The new clinic will be inside the former Shopko store in Rothschild
Published: Mar. 15, 2022 at 3:23 PM CDT
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ROTHSCHILD, Wis. (WSAW) - Patients at Wausau’s VA Clinic will be seen at a new clinic in Rothschild by mid-May.

The reconstruction project is nearly complete and the next phase will move medical equipment and supplies to the new location. The new clinic is larger than the current facility.

“We’re going to be able to offer some additional services more so than what we are producing right now or able to offer right now,” said Kris Richardson, manager of the Wausau VA Clinic.

Services include: pharmacy, dental, optometry, acupuncture and chiropractic services. There are also massage therapy, physical therapy, dermatology and audiology services.

“There will not be any split locations for health services,” Richardson explained. “For example, we’re not going to be seeing mental health in the old clinic and primary care in the new clinic. Everything is going to be shifted over here on the day we open up. Once again, our team is very excited about this new space. And we look forward to serving our veterans here soon.”

Veterans who currently receive health care at the Wausau VA will be notified about the clinic location change. Routine patient appointment reminders will clearly inform veterans of their appointment location.

The expansion also means that the clinic will be able to see more veterans faster than before. It’s going to be able to do that by expanding its six teams and providers it already has now. But, Richardson said there is one obstacle it’s facing now.

“One of the challenges that we face here is our public transportation. I would refer anybody out to the Wausau homepage, the city homepage for Wausau, they have a link on there to address, for example, our bus service in this area. So they are looking to meet with the surrounding communities to address anybody’s concern that they may have.”

The clinic does have a DAV van that’s available for patients to take. However, it does need to be reserved in advance. He also said that leaders of the clinic are working on ways to make the van more accessible and readily available.

The plan is to complete appointments at the current facility on a Thursday, and on the following Monday is when the new clinic will open for appointment. There will not be any split locations for health services in Wausau, so once the facility in Rothschild opens, every patient will be going there.

The new clinic is located at 1105 East Grand Avenue in Rothschild in the former Shopko building.

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