Wausau Post Office carrying out some changes

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 6:54 AM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - The United States Postal Service processes and delivers nearly 430 million pieces of mail each day. The Wausau Post Office has added new routes to keep up with the intake of volume.

Wausau Postmaster, Scott Mayer, said since the start of the pandemic, the post office has seen more mail pieces than ever before. He explained new routes have been added to keep up with the workload. But, that could mean you can be seeing different cars delivering your mail. Mayer said since the routes are so new, the Wausau Post Office hasn’t received mail trucks yet, and instead are renting cars for the time being.

“We’ll have enough vehicles eventually...these are fairly new routes that were added, like August, September, so we’ll get those routes covered, it’s just a matter of when those vehicles come through,” Mayer said.

He said looking forward, the new routes they’ve added will make them better equipped for the amount of mail it’s been seeing.

But new additions sometimes come with new challenges, and one Mayer said he’s facing has been unique to deal with. Mayer said he has never been in a situation that he has found the post office in now, among many other employers, which is the shortage of employees.

Mayer said it’s been a year since he found himself in this predicament, and that the Wausau Post Office is looking to hire two to three additional city carriers, and three additional rural carriers. He said he’s expecting to be fully staffed within a month, but he describes these challenges as ‘unique,’ and added in the last couple of months, the post office has been able to get some new employees on board, which has helped fill in the gaps with the new routes.

“It’s been challenging, I really can’t say enough about the dedication of our employees. that they’re coming to work when they’re supposed to come to work, working a lot of hours, for almost a year now, so they’ve just been doing an exceptional job making sure we get the mail delivered.”

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