Are you losing your hair fast? COVID-19 might be the culprit

In the majority of cases hair starts growing back in about 6 months
Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 5:38 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - A study from the Irish Journal of Medical Science found COVID-19 as a cause of hair loss.

Dr. Stephen Lewellis, a dermatologist at Aspirus Hospital in Wausau, said the type of hair loss he sees in patients who have experienced extreme COVID-19 is often non-scaring.

“Telogen effluvium that can be related to significant illnesses like covid-19,” said Lewellis.

Lewellis said your body uses a lot of resources to make hair. When it goes through a traumatic event, it has to use those resources for the essentials.

“You lose a lot at once. Patients have clumps in the shower, It’s all over their pillowcase,” said Lewellis.

You could lose up to half your hair in a few months. Most of his patients don’t notice it until about three months after the original stressor. Luckily, Lewellis said there is hope.

“Vast majority of cases after about 6 months, that’s when the hair starts growing back,” said Lewellis.

Lewellis said relaxing and letting your body heal naturally is the best treatment. He said not to waste your money on supplements and other treatments because your body will do it on its own.

“The more you relax, the more you’re going to let your body be in a place where hair growth will be optimal,” said Lewellis.

Lewellis gives this article to his patients who are concerned about their hair loss.

He said to reach out to a dermatologist if it is something you are noticing for yourself.

Here is the website for The American Academy of Dermatology. It will help you find an office close to you.

correction: A previous version of this article stated the study was conducted by National Library of Medicine. That information was incorrect. We apologize for the error.

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