Stevens Point man carries on a tradition of snow sculpting for another year

Published: Dec. 12, 2021 at 8:21 PM CST
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Jef Schobert is once again turning his front yard into an art gallery this winter.

“It’s one shovel at a time,” Schobert said, as he was shoveling up some snow from his driveway. He has been learning his way around snow ever since he could pick up a screwdriver.

“We moved to Stevens Point in 1970 and University of WSP [UWSP], had big carving events, people outside, and as a kid, I was like ‘what is that?’ ‘You know that’s what people do in Wisconsin’ ‘like ok, sign me up!’” He explained. “Over the years I’ve kind of refined myself to some tools that I have easily available, this is like the best one, a screwdriver, it’s like a pencil in the snow.”

His favorite part is that “There’s no’s just like there’s a snowbank and go for have to pack snow to make it all happen...I had a stick, I’d use a brick, and a piece of wood, whatever I had.”

He said he’s a novel with the shovel.

“There’s no one like me that I found, not because I’m a great artist, but because I put stuff into it, like my guitar on top.” It’s his hard work that doubles as art, and even curb appeal.

His latest piece of work was inspired by the band ‘Phish.’ “This is Trey, he’s the lead singer, lead guitarist from the band called ‘Phish,’ he’s basically the ‘I’ in Phish.”

“This is the freest art I’ve ever found, its just not having any restrictions almost and just go,” he explained. “This is a poor man’s art, if I was a sculptor, I would never be able to buy all the marble, never.”

All of the tools and materials he uses are made from things he has found around his home.

“That’s actually a fence post, and just some old string I had laying around and some felt.”

He even decided to carve NewsChannel 7′s mascot, Sir Seven. “I’m just trying to live from my heart and do what I do.”

He may have cold hands at the end of the day, but he sure does have a warm heart. “People love what I do and it kind of just amazes me, like it’s fun to make people smile.”

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