People take advantage of the eight inches of snow Saturday

Published: Dec. 11, 2021 at 6:24 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Eight inches of snow fell in Wausau Friday night into Saturday, which some people took full advantage of to go sledding.

Dozens of people flocked to 3M Park in Wausau to get the full effect of winter and the snow. “My favorite part of today is going sledding,” seven-year-old, Cooper said, as he was loaded up on his sled, ready to go down the hill.

Cooper explained that he did have to do a little bit of work before he got to go sledding. “I just cleared off the mailbox and the garbages, and the backyard [of snow].”

Meanwhile, another person on the sledding hill said she isn’t used to this much snow. “It doesn’t really snow like this in St. Louis. it’s like, it’s only the grass line and stuff,” Kaari said, who’s visiting family in the area. But their family said sledding is one of their favorite snow-day activities.

“I love sledding, and I usually do it every year, every, mostly every Christmas,” CJ said. He explained the best part is “that sometimes you don’t really have to stand up.”

As for Kaari, it was her first time snowboarding. “When you slide down, you kind of like fall off the board, cause it’s really fun like when you fall off the board, you get this really funny feeling in your stomach.” A funny feeling, they explained, that gets topped off with a sweet treat. “We’re just gonna have fun and have some hot co[coa] afterward,” CJ’s dad explained.

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