Local Church hosts ‘One Day to Feed the World’

Published: Nov. 21, 2021 at 5:24 PM CST
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many are thinking about how to express gratitude this season.

“Our gratitude, the way that we give thanks, the best way to do that is in our give,” said Sheldon Miles, Thrive Church Lead Pastor.

That’s why Thrive partnered with Convoy of Hope, a world relief organization, to take action in something called ‘One Day to Feed the World.’

“You’re gonna take one working day wage. So whatever you get for one day of working and you’re gonna give that,” said Garrett Metz, Youth Director.

While it may seem like a small contribution, Pastor Miles said it makes a large difference. Ten dollars feeds a child in Haiti for a month. That means if you make $15 an hour and contribute one full day’s pay you feed a child for a whole year. Pastor Miles said we often don’t think about how much we have.

“The season of thanksgiving is an opportunity for us to just sit, stop and think about all of our blessings. And then do something about it,” said Pastor Miles.

‘One Day to Feed the World’ is how Thrive is taking action.

“They fed over 387,000 children last year with the Convoy of Hope,” said Naomi Heldt, Guest Service Ministry Leader.

Over 40 people got out their wallets, placed a day of their wages inside an envelope and fled to the donation basket on Sunday during the service. Many more participated online.

“It feels really good to give,” said Heather Maves, Worship Ministry Leader.

“There’s just this feeling of joy that you get when you know that you’re impacting someone other than yourself,” said Metz.

Anyone is welcome to participate. For more information or to donate click here.

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