Hunters show off their big bucks on opening day

Published: Nov. 20, 2021 at 5:54 PM CST
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MARATHON COUNTY, Wis. (WSAW) - Gun deer season officially started Saturday morning and many restaurants and bars are offering specials for hunters all weekend, and Charlie’s Bar in Marathon City is one of them.

“We’re a big family of hunting,” Charlie’s Bar Owner, Karen Buchberger said.

The bar has been open for three years, and two out of the three its been open, Buchberger decided to put on a contest for hunters to show off the biggest kill.

“The first year was slower because we were just getting started because we actually opened in November, but now that we did it, we actually have 25 people,” Buchberger said.

The contest requires the registered hunters to bring in their bucks to the bar to be measured. And the first one that came in Saturday measured 18.5 inches from the insides of the antlers and 19.75 inches from the outside. It was brought in by 14-year-old Kris Lang, who was signed up just the night before by his relative, Rod Nowack.

“This is actually my first buck,” Lang said. He has been hunting with Nowack for the last three years. “I’m very proud he got this one,” Nowack added. Lang said he was claiming bragging rights at the time.

“[It] feels amazing, yeah I got some classmates that hunt but I think I might be the winner on this one.”

He explained that he hadn’t heard many stories as of Saturday morning from his friends.

“But it’s only opening day so we’ll see what happens.” He added that he shot the 10-pointer buck roughly two hours into the season.

Buchberger said the buck was “...probably the biggest we’ve had registered since we’ve been open.”

Meanwhile, Nowack’s buck didn’t quite make the cut with the size of his antlers.

“This one’s only a five incher,” Nowack said as he giggled while measuring the antler.

A couple of miles down the road from Charlies, NewsChannel 7 spotted more hunters outside Hammer Down Bar and Grill. They were out comparing their bucks while saying congratulations to one another. Don Hughes was one of the hunters getting some attention for his buck, which measured at 15.5 inches.

“Ah he’s pretty decent, the biggest one I got so far,” Hughes said.

And just a few parking spots down from Hughes, another hunter and buck pulled in, and Hughes went over to help measure it. “I’d say 17 and a half,” Hughes said to Cory Grabisch, the hunter of the buck.

Garbisch said he was excited about his kill.

“It’s the biggest buck I’ve ever had, I’ve been hunting for forty years, its the biggest buck I’ve ever got so yeah it’s pretty cool.”

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