Miltrim Farms working on ways to reduce pollution in water

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 8:49 PM CDT
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ATHENS, Wis. (WSAW) - Over the past two years, Miltrim Farms has been working to reduce pollution and contaminants in its runoff water. With the help of some new technology, the farm will be able to see how its practices have been going in the next six months.

“Over time we’ve continued to learn how to do some of these things better,” Miltrim Farms General Manager, David Trimner said.

The farm is looking at ways it can better the water quality around the area. One way is timing and species of the crops it uses in between cornrows.

“It helps with water infiltration, and it also holds onto manure onto nutrients and kind of takes that up into the plants and then holds it there and doesn’t allow it to leave the soil,” Trimner said.

Some of the crops the farm uses are rapeseed, clovers and radishes. “The nice thing about those crops is that they’re easy to manage, so when we need to plant into them next year, they’re easy to terminate and they’re easy to work around,” he said.

Just a month ago, the farm got a machine that collects data from the runoff water. It tracks how much contaminants are in the water and its quality. The farm said it will start getting the data by the end of spring, once all of the snow has melted.

Trimner said water quality is important to maintain a healthy planet.

“We want to protect that resource, Wisconsin has a lot of beautiful water resources and I know some of them are struggling partly from this area, so we wanted to really look hard at how to make those better, and continue to improve water quality in Wisconsin.”

The farm is also looking at digesters for the farm to convert methane to natural gas in the next coming months.

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