Dorci Walker’s competitive drive leads Columbus Catholic volleyball to success

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 12:30 AM CDT
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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) - Columbus Catholic’s Dorci Walker is the state’s leader in kills and she is a Columbus Catholic volleyball great. But what led her to this point in her career is her competitive drive.

“I’m so competitive. In practice, I like to win all of the games,” Walker said.

Walker’s competitiveness starts on the court in practice, and it extends into the game. Her teammate, Jenna Kibbel, has seen her competitive drive first-hand.

“She’s so competitive that she just makes all of us better because we all just want to beat her all the time,” Kibbel said.

It’s propelled to her leading the state in kills. But it’s being on top of that leaderboard that drives her.

“When we played Fall Creek [last Thursday], the girl who was second In the state in kills, that’s [Gianna Vollrath]. I didn’t want to just to be ahead of her by the end of the day, I wanted to be very far ahead of her,” Walker said.

Vollrath ended up with 28 kills while Dorci totaled 42. Walker even said every time she recorded a kill, she wanted it to be right in front of Vollrath.

In practice, Kibbel and Walker have competitions with each other.

“We always try to beat each other. And during games and stuff, we always try to see who can get the better passer ranking,” Kibbel said.

Walker’s drive focuses on quantifying the team’s goals.

“She usually asks me what my goal for the game is. I say like, five or less hitting errors. Or to keep the other team under five,” Kibbel said.

“I like to hear numbers, not like ‘I want to do well today.’ Like, how many kills do you want to get and stuff like that,” Walker added.

Walker has already set the school’s career aces and kills record, with over 1,300 kills. But adding to those numbers, plus her team goals of making it to state, continues her motivation.

“She keeps going and she wants to make it high enough that no one breaks it. And that she holds it forever or for a very long time,” her coach Kat Eagle says.

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