Week 2 of Schulz-Juedes murder trial continues with forensic, life insurance testimonies

Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 5:43 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Week 2 of the expected month-long Cindy Schulz-Juedes murder trial continued Monday with testimonies from a medical examiner, forensic pathologist and more life insurance agents.

During week one of the trial, state prosecutors said Cindy married Ken Juedes in the early 2000s for financial gain, before his death in 2006.

Monday, two more life insurance agents were called to testify.

An agent with Riversource Life Insurance explained one of Ken’s policies, where his four children were equal beneficiaries of the policy, before marrying Cindy. After the two married, Cindy was the beneficiary of 75% of the policy. One of Ken’s sons were to receive 25% and the other three children were to receive none.

Helene Prater of Anthem Life and Disability explained a life insurance policy through Ken’s job in 2006, Memorial Health Center.

“It was giving him the option to select additional life insurance besides what’s being offered to him, and to name beneficiaries for his life insurance,” Prater explained.

UW Health Autopsy Director Dr. Robert Corliss said the cause of Ken’s death was gunshot wounds and the matter of death was a homicide.

He said Ken’s autopsy showed he had little to no food and alcohol in his system at the time of is death.

“1-2 hours prior to the time of death, he had not been consuming significant quantities of alcohol,” Corliss explained. “More than 2 hours, he had been. Given the alcohol levels.”

The trial continues Tuesday morning. The defense has not called witnesses to testify yet.

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