Hello, My Name Is: Brycen Cashin

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 10:45 PM CDT
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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) - Brycen Cashin is Pacelli’s leading player on offense. With 29 touchdowns on the ground, he has the most in the state.

But the running back’s story in football starts in the family and a long history at Pacelli. As Brycen gallops to the end zone, he has a special message going through his head.

“Run your hardest, run the daylight. That’s what my grandpa always likes to say,” Cashin said.

For the star running back, football is in his blood.

“My dad played football. It was kind of a family thing. My family has always loved football,” Cashin said.

He isn’t lying. His entire family has a history of running for the Cardinals.

“We were all running backs. My dad was in the 70′s, I was in the 90s and then my brothers were after me,” his dad, Sean, said.

His grandpa Tom, uncle Andy and dad Sean all sit in the Pacelli Athletic Hall of Fame.

“It’s awesome to be able to talk to my dad, my uncles, and my grandpa all about football and understand it. We break down games, our games, college games. Anything,” Cashin said.

On Friday, Cashin broke the school’s record for career touchdowns with 74. His dad had 71.

The question between the two is if Brycen is better than his dad was. Brycen says it’s difficult to tell, but Sean believes Brycen has more talent.

“He’s taller than I am. He’s quicker than I am. He’s probably bigger than I was, but I definitely wasn’t as trim as he is. And he’s definitely much top-end speed faster than I ever was,” Sean Cashin said.

Brycen's grandpa Tom (Top left), uncle Andy (right) and dad Sean (bottom left) hanging on the...
Brycen's grandpa Tom (Top left), uncle Andy (right) and dad Sean (bottom left) hanging on the wall of the Pacelli Athletic Hall of Fame(WSAW)

It seems like Brycen will join his family’s plaques on the walls at Pacelli High School. But for the running back, he goes back to that thought in his head. His grandpa messaging him that special message.

Every game, “run the daylight” passes in his thoughts.

“Hearing that from my grandparents is really important to me,” Cashin said.

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