DC Everest teachers feel confident ahead of new school year

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 5:49 PM CDT
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SCHOFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) - Wednesday is the start of the school year for many districts across Wisconsin and teachers will have to deal with the education gap left behind by the pandemic. However, teachers from the DC Everest District said that most of their students remained on track and are ready to start the new year off strong.

Riverside Elementary teacher Brook Wendorf said that she thinks last school year was actually more connected.

“I was more intimately working with families than I would have in the brick and mortar because I was in their living room,” she said.

Wendorf has been a teacher for a long time and she said teaching from home had its challenges and rewards.

“Out of any year, that was the strongest family connection that I had,” said Wendorf.

Due to the unique situation, last year brought students their families were more willing to reach out to teachers.

“I want that open communication that I experienced with students and families and parents last year to move with us into this new year,” said Anne Jagodzinski, DC Everest Senior High School Teacher.

DC Everest offered various ways to help their students through the challenges of learning during the pandemic. They had special learning platforms and could schedule one-on-one virtual meetings. But what teachers thought made the most difference was their level of flexibility and willingness to meet students where they were at.

“If I could pull one thing from the pandemic that I wanna make sure that I keep at the core of my teaching this year, it is really looking at the student as an individual and meeting them where they’re to help them move forward, wherever that is,” said Jagodzinski.

Teachers are repaired for the new challenges that the year will bring.

“It’s what makes teaching exciting. Each year is a new year,” said Jagodzinski.

To read more about DC Everest’s COVID-19 re-opening plan, click the link.

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