‘Kids Growing Flowers for Kids’

Published: Aug. 14, 2021 at 6:27 PM CDT
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VESPER, Wis. (WSAW) - Nine-year-old Kasten Tritz is growing mums to not only put smiles on people’s faces but to also give back to the community.

One question everyone may be familiar with is, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Some may answer with a doctor or a teacher, but as for Kasten, he wanted to grow mums.

“If you find something that you like in life, and you get paid for it, you never go to work, never ever,” Kasten said.

Growing mums has been a tradition in the Tritz family for the past four years, and it all started with a conversation on the way to church.

“We were talking about what they wanted to do when they grew up and Kasten said he wanted to grow flowers which took me off guard because I grew up on a cranberry marsh, thinking he wanted to grow cranberries,” his dad, Kevin said. “And he said why, ‘cause flowers make people smile... and dad was like, Kasten just stole my heart,” Kasten explained.

Now, Kasten is living his dreams. But his parents wanted the budding business to grow deeper within its roots. “You can build a business with purpose, and that business is bigger than you. Maybe it’s helping somebody that you don’t know or helping people that you’ll never see or never be a part of...I wanted them to see that they can grow something and take care of people while you do it,” his dad said.

“That’s the goal of ours, is to teach them to care for others, and to put other people before themselves if they have the means to do that,” his mom, Christina added.

The family gives back to many different people in so many different ways. But this year, they were able to get 1,626 glue sticks and 1,320 boxes of crayons for kids in Kindergarten through third grade in the entire Wisconsin Rapids School District.

“I may not even get to see the look on their faces, but whenever I hear mom and dad say ‘nice job,” I just know I’m doing a good job,” Kasten said.

Despite a doubt or two, it’s a job well done. “when I’m doing the mums, at times, I’ll question, ‘is this really worth it? But then when I get to see the smiles on people’s faces, I know that it’s worth it,” Kasten said.

Their shop is located at 5526 Wis-186, Vesper, WI. You can also visit their Facebook page to purchase mums that way.

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