Man using wheelchair struggles to cross busy Wausau street, Army Sgt.’s act of kindness caught on camera

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 10:17 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - A Wausau man has gone viral on social media after his act of kindness was caught on camera and shared on Facebook by hundreds.

Army Staff Sergeant Luke Kaulfuss was taking his normal route home from work Tuesday evening when he saw a pedestrian in a wheelchair struggling to cross the street.

“I was coming off of Thomas Street, on to Grand,” Kaulfuss explained. “I saw a gentleman trying to cross the street on his wheelchair. He lost his shoe in the intersection, so he was kind of already holding up traffic trying to get across.”

Kaulfuss said he instantly thought to help the man, despite the traffic that was already backed-up.

“I stopped and rolled down my window and asked him if he needed any help and he said, ‘yeah, that’d be great,’” he explained. “I just threw my truck in park and jumped out and helped him get across the street. It only takes two minutes to help somebody. If I would have left that scene and saw a different story on the news, someone had hit him or he fell in the stream, I would have felt personally responsible.”

When Kaulfuss made it home, he said he became aware of how his thoughtless act of service touched the hearts of many.

“My wife came upstairs and said, ‘hey, someone took a picture of you and posted it to Facebook,’” he explained. “Throughout the night, it just seemed that it was going viral.”

The Facebook post was posted in a Facebook Group called, “You Know You’re From Wausau, WI If...” Hundreds of people shared the post and commented kind words to Kaulfuss.

“I didn’t expect all the attention,” Kaulfuss expressed. “I certainly didn’t do it for attention.”

Kaulfuss has served in the Army for 12 years. He said this is not the first time he has helped someone and it will not be the last.

He encourages other people to do the same.

“If you ever see someone that needs a hand, just offer a hand,” Kaulfuss said. “It can make a world of a difference to them.”

correction: We incorrectly identified the person's name on our original picture. The photographer's name is Kimberly Seehafer.

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