Gov. Evers introduces the “Less for RX” prescription drug plan

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 7:07 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Gov. Evers stopped at Wausau City Hall Wednesday to introduce a prescription drug plan called “Less for Rx” that aims to lower the cost of medication for low-income families.

The governor and Democrats in the legislature reintroduced the plan as a stand-alone bill after the GOP left it out of the bi-annual budget last month. But, he’s not giving up and trying again.

”Folks, when I say it’s the most comprehensible plan in state history, I’m not kidding,” said Governor Evers.

The main goal is to ensure people have access to the medicine they need, without breaking the bank, according to Governor Evers. The plan would create a review board to limit prices, increase funding for free clinics, cap co-pays on insulin at $50 and create a new office to regulate the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The plan also addresses the challenging decisions people face on a daily basis when budgeting their money.

“Some people are cutting their pills in half, some people are skipping doses,” said Evers.

He says others are just not refilling their medications at all.

Democratic Rep. Lisa Subeck, of Madison, has first-hand experience with families who just didn’t have the money.

“I would see families in our shelter who would come back from a doctor’s appointment and not have filled their child’s prescription because they couldn’t afford to,” said Subeck.

Subeck said even a co-pay that may seem small to some, holds families back from getting what they need.

“It was the difference between their child with asthma getting asthma medications on a regular basis viruses ending up in the emergency room because they couldn’t afford their medication,” said Subeck.

Despite the GOP deleting the prescription drug plan from the budget, the governor is adamant that it must take priority.

“Folks, it’s time to get this done. Everybody should be able to afford their medication...period,” said Governor Evers.

The governor is hopeful that the legislature will consider the plan in calmness outside of the budget process.

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