Wausau non-profit for adults with special needs is looking for more community engagement

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 8:37 PM CDT
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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - Adaptive Communities, Inc. is looking to provide more fun and educational programs and classes to its members.

The non-profit works with 18-year-olds and older who haves special needs in central Wisconsin. Director Katie Jones felt it was important to provide a safe and fun hangout area for the group.

“I think socialization is huge in everybody’s life,” Jones said. “Especially now that we’re getting out of COVID and getting back into the swing of things. Just to have a place that they can come and socialize in a safe environment, and actually do activities. I think it helps just boost your ego and your morals and your mood just to come and hang out with your friends.”

Aside from a “hangout area,” the non-profit teaches core life skills to its members.

“We do a banking class; we do internet safety,” Jones explained. “We’re having a kitchen put in, so we’re going to be working on independent living skills in the kitchen.”

Since moving to a new location last September, Adaptive Communities is looking for a carpenter or someone skilled in building cabinets, sinks and counters for its members.

They are also looking for more community engagement from people with different careers and hobbies.

“We are really looking for the community involvement in the partnership,” Jones said. ”We would love a fishing club. We love anything arts and crafts. We always say, ‘if people have a hobby and a time, the gift of time is our biggest thing here.”

Volunteers are encouraged to visit the organization’s Facebook page or website and reach out to staff with their availability.

People who are interested in becoming a member can fill out an application on the organization’s website.

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