A bill requiring the National Anthem continues through the Wisconsin State Legislature

Hearing scheduled Tuesday lands the bill in front of the Senate Committee.
The Star Spangled Banner
The Star Spangled Banner
Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 8:21 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 29, 2021 at 6:37 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Proceeding sporting events across the country, the Star Spangled Banner is typically played as tradition but not a requirement. In Wisconsin, a local politician hopes to ensure the song is a part of virtually every sporting event in the state.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee Tuesday.

State Senator Patrick Testin’s Star Spangled Banner Act would require the singing or playing of the National Anthem ahead of any sporting event held in a venue that received some type of taxpayer money. Places like Lambeau Field, Camp Randall Stadium or Fiserv Forum would all be subject to this rule. So would high school sporting events or sporting events happening in a high school or state college venue.

The language in the bill is broad in trying to collect everything that would fall under the regulation.

“No sporting event may be held in a venue the construction of which was financed at least in part from moneys contributed by a state agency or local governmental unit unless the event is preceded by the playing or singing of the national anthem.”

Senator Testin is hoping the bill can serve as a guidance for future sporting events.

“Some people are saying this is forced patriotism,” said Senator Testin. “But this bill does not force anyone to participate or for all the athletes to be present for the anthem. It is simply giving people the opportunity to support the country through the playing of the National Anthem, just like people have the chance to protest during the anthem.”

The bill passed through the State Assembly with bi-partisan support, and a hearing is scheduled for the Senate Committee Tuesday.

The bill is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Committee Tuesday.

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