As National Dairy Month comes to an end, there are still ways to support dairy farmers

Published: Jun. 27, 2021 at 4:08 PM CDT
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Dorchester, Wis. (WSAW) - June is National Dairy Month and Dairy Breakfasts have been held every weekend to support dairy farmers.

President of Colby’s FFA Alumni Group, Tony Meyer, said supporting dairy farmers is as simple as going to the grocery store. “Keep buying dairy products,” Meyer said. “You’ll see it on the shelves every time you go to the grocery store, that’s what keeps us going.”

Tri-G Farms in Dorchester hosted Colby’s Dairy Breakfast Sunday morning. Hundreds of people came out to socialize and show their support to the owners.

“Oh it’s awesome,” Tri-G Farm Owner Bruce Gumz said. “It is awesome to se so many people come out and support what we do,” Bruce’s wife, Jolene said.

Those who came out to the farm were able to explore the farm, see and pet the animals, and, of course, eat.

“I had patties, pancakes with some butter and maple syrup, and applesauce,” Bruce’s nephew Isaac Kosik said.

“It’s a nice place to get together visit with neighbors and even learn a few things,” Bruce said.

Last year, Colby’s Dairy Breakfast was only drive-thru because of the pandemic. But, this year was a different story.

“It’s so good to see things getting back to normal,” Jolene said.

“It’s over whelming as well,” Meyer said. “We’ve been cooped up for a year and everything, people are itching to get out, and for them to be able to come out in the community and enjoy the comradery that comes with it all, and the conversation they have with everyone, is fantastic.”

The proceeds from the breakfast are split in half. Fifty percent goes to the FFA Alumni, and the other fifty percent goes to the Abby-Colby Crossings Chamber of Commerce.

“The chamber of commerce uses those proceeds to fund any of the community events they hold throughout the year,” Meyer said. “And then the proceeds that the Colby FFA alumni takes in, goes to supporting FFA members of the Colby FFA.”

Without your support, Meyer said, the dairy industry wouldn’t be where it is today. “Without you buying dairy products the dairy industry would not be where it is especially within Wisconsin, being its number one economic program that funds the state of Wisconsin.”

The Colby Dairy Breakfast was the last breakfast in the area, but there are a couple more coming up in the summer.

For more information on the upcoming breakfasts, click here.

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