Two generations of love separated by different wars

Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 6:47 PM CDT
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PLOVER, Wis. (WSAW) - The conflicts may be different but the connection of two generations are the same. A Plover author recently came out with a new book that chronicles love letters during World War II and the Cold War.

Author Bob Rutta was separated from his then girlfriend, Bonnie, during the Cold War and sent letters to keep in touch, but it turns out Bonnie’s father did the same thing with his wife during World War II.

“It was really interesting, it brought back memories that I had kinda slipped under the wire for maybe because I don’t think about it,” Rutta said.

Though it’s just a simple piece of paper with some writing on it, it was an important form of communication during the cold war and kept this couple together.

“It was nice to be able to have a letter from Bonnie, write to her and it was difficult to try and call because at that time the calls were quite expensive,” Rutta said.

Robert was in Europe during the Cold War from 1966 until 1969 he had an undercover job as a decoder. He and Bonnie were separated for about two years.

“I waited for those letters. I still dream about getting those letters, not getting one for like a couple months. It was driving me crazy in the dream but it probably was in real life too,” Bonnie Rutta said.

It was a symbol of their love, but rewind about 25 years before Robert went to war and Bonnie’s mom and dad went through the exact same scenario during World War II in the 1940s.

“They went and he got drafted and then they exchanged letters and then bonnie and I did the same thing,” Robert Rutta said.

About two years ago, Bonnie came across the boxes of letters, hundreds of letters. She told Robert to write a memoir to capture history and two generations of love saved by the pen.

“I’m happy with it because I found out a lot of stuff that I didn’t know before,” Bonnie Rutta said.

Now with their family history printed in paperback, it’s something to look back on for years to come.

“It gives us something to take and pass on to our grandkids and our sons and other family members,” Robert Rutta said.

This is the sixth book written by Rutta. If you’re interested in getting a copy, be sure to follow the link.

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